Is Sam Kerr Gay? A Candid Look at Her Relationship, Gender Revelations, and Impact

Samantha May Kerr is a renowned Australian soccer player currently playing as a forward for Chelsea. Leading Australia’s Matildas since 2019, Kerr has not only made a name for herself in the soccer world but has also been open about her personal life, particularly her relationship.

In this article, we delve into the questions surrounding Sam Kerr’s sexuality, her partner, and her gender revelation.

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Is Sam Kerr Gay?

is Sam Kerr Gay

Yes, Sam Kerr is gay. She stands as a prominent LGBTQ+ figure within the realm of Australian sports. Kerr’s visibility within the LGBTQ+ community is notable, and her relationship with US national team player and Gotham FC player Kirstie Mewis has added to this recognition.

When questioned about being a visible same-sex couple in sports, Mewis expressed the importance of their openness. She stated, “I think if we can change one or two people’s lives and the way that they feel about each other and how comfortable they feel, then that means a lot to me.”

Sam Kerr Gender Revelation:

In a surprising revelation, Sam Kerr disclosed that she concealed her gender as a youngster to participate in football. As a child, Kerr kept her hair short and presented herself as a boy to be able to play junior football. Despite knowing she would be the only girl on the team, Kerr was determined not to be treated differently based on her gender.

Recalling the experience, she shared that one boy even cried when he discovered the truth. This revelation sheds light on Kerr’s early determination to pursue her passion for football, transcending gender norms.

Is Sam Kerr Dating?

Sam Kerr and Kirstie Mewis

Yes, Sam Kerr is currently dating Kirstie Mewis. Her relationship status has been a topic of interest, and her association with Kirstie Mewis has been openly acknowledged. The couple’s public declarations of love on social media indicate a strong and supportive bond. Kerr’s willingness to share her personal life, including her relationship, emphasizes the importance of representation and visibility for the LGBTQ+ community in the realm of professional sports.

Sam Kerr has shared glimpses of her personal life on social media, confirming her relationship with Kirstie Mewis. In an Instagram post dedicated to Mewis, Kerr wrote, “Happy Birthday My Love, Can’t Imagine life without you. 3 years older than me don’t forget it X (& Mac Happy Birthday).” Kerr values sharing her relationship on social platforms, expressing the belief that their visibility can positively impact others. By showcasing their happiness as an openly gay couple, Kerr hopes to inspire and contribute to changing perceptions.

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Australian soccer sensation Sam Kerr is openly gay and proudly shares her relationship with Kirstie Mewis.
Kerr’s visibility in the LGBTQ+ community aims to inspire and promote acceptance. Additionally, she revealed disguising herself as a boy in her youth to play football, breaking gender norms. Kerr’s openness about her relationship status emphasizes the importance of representation in professional sports.

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