Is Nikita on Strictly Gay? Navigating the Buzz Around the Talented Dancer’s Personal Life

As the anticipation builds for the upcoming season of Strictly Come Dancing, all eyes are on Nikita Kuzmin, the Ukrainian dancer and choreographer known for his impressive career and numerous championship titles. However, recent revelations about his same-sex dance partnership in Season 21 have stirred discussions about his sexuality.

In this article, we will unravel the facts and speculations surrounding Nikita’s personal life.

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Is Nikita on Strictly Gay?

is nikita from strictly gay

No, Nikita Kuzmin is not gay. The excitement over Season 21’s same-sex dance pairing, featuring Nikita and openly gay dancer Layton Williams, sparked curiosity about Nikita‘s sexuality. It’s crucial to clarify that Nikita’s dance partnership does not reflect his sexual orientation.

Past relationships with women attest to his heterosexual orientation, emphasizing that his inclusion in the same-sex pairing is a celebration of dance chemistry and expertise rather than a statement about his personal life.

Who Is Nikita Kuzmin Dating?

Nikita and Lauren Jaine

Nikita is currently in a relationship with model Lauren Jaine, as evidenced by their joint attendance at a film premiere in December. Previously linked to TikTok star and podcaster Charlie Backshall, Nikita’s dating history includes a long-term relationship with professional dancer Nicole Wirt. Their romantic journey concluded before Nikita’s public involvement with Charlie Backshall.

Exploring Nikita Kuzmin’s Dating History:

Nicole Wirt:
Nikita’s long-term relationship with professional dancer Nicole Wirt, based in Frankfurt, Germany, ended before his involvement with Charlie. Nicole participated in the Here Come The Boys UK tour in 2022, where she performed alongside Nikita and other Strictly dancers. The couple decided to part ways two months before Nikita’s relationship with Charlie became public.

Molly Rainford:
During a recent season of Strictly, rumors circulated about Nikita dating Molly Rainford, known for her appearance on CBBC. However, no concrete evidence or confirmation emerged regarding this speculation.

Tilly Ramsay:
In 2021, Nikita’s close friendship with Tilly Ramsay, his celebrity partner on Strictly, fueled relationship rumors. Tilly clarified her relationship status in November, dispelling the rumors by revealing that she was seeing someone.

Charlie Backshall:
Nikita’s relationship with Charlie Backshall became public in December of the previous year. Charlie, an Australian TikTok celebrity, hosts the sex podcast “The Hotline.” The couple initially kept their relationship discreet, with Charlie deleting her podcast page and TikTok account when their dating status was confirmed.

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The spotlight is on Nikita Kuzmin, the talented Ukrainian dancer and choreographer from Strictly Come Dancing, as Season 21 introduces same-sex pairings. Despite rumors questioning Nikita’s sexuality due to this exciting development, it’s essential to clarify that Nikita Kuzmin is not gay.

Nikita’s past relationships with women, including his current one with model Lauren Jaine, reinforce his heterosexual orientation. Exploring Nikita’s dating history reveals connections with Nicole Wirt, Molly Rainford, and Tilly Ramsay, but the confirmation lies in his public relationship with Australian TikTok celebrity Charlie Backshall. Nikita’s journey emphasizes the celebration of dance chemistry, expertise, and his commitment to breaking barriers in the world of dance.

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