Is Jordan Leavitt Gay? Shedding Light on the MMA Fighter’s Marriage and Private Choices

In the challenging world of mixed martial arts (MMA), Jordan Leavitt has made a name for himself, particularly with his impressive victory over Matt Wiman at UFC on ESPN: Hermansson vs. Vettori on December 5, 2020. The first-round slam not only secured his win but also earned him the title of the night’s Outstanding Performer. However, amidst his remarkable fighting skills, curiosity arose about his personal life, with speculations circulating about his sexual orientation.
Keep reading this article to learn everything about Jordan Leavitt’s sexual orientation.

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Who is Jordan Leavitt?

Is Jordan Leavitt gay

Jordan Leavitt, an American MMA fighter, competes in the welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Starting his journey in mixed martial arts with the high school wrestling team, Leavitt’s dedication and skills have propelled him forward.

Despite temporarily putting his ambitions of attending law school on hold, he continues to balance his career in the octagon with his academic pursuits, holding a degree in political science from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Is Jordan Leavitt Gay?

No, Jordan Leavitt is not gay. It is essential to recognize that spreading false information about someone’s sexual orientation is inappropriate and lacks respect for their privacy. Leavitt himself has shared a humorous anecdote about receiving support messages after falsely being rumored to come out as homosexual in the ring. Clarifying that he is not gay, he emphasizes the importance of treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Is Jordan Leavitt Married?

Jordan Leavitt married Ashlie

Yes, Jordan Leavitt is married. While Jordan Leavitt is not camera-shy and possesses an outgoing demeanor, he keeps his private life private. The MMA star, focused on promoting his career, has avoided divulging details about his personal life in interviews.

However, it was revealed that Jordan Leavitt married Ashlie, and he joyously announced their wedding on Instagram on June 16, 2019. Despite initially sharing glimpses of his marital bliss, the fighter has since shifted his social media focus to his career, maintaining a more discreet approach to his personal life.

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This article addresses the query, “Is Jordan Leavitt Gay?” Contrary to rumors, Jordan Leavitt is not gay, emphasizing the need for respect and privacy. The content also briefly touches upon Leavitt’s marriage to Ashlie, highlighting their joyous union announced on Instagram in 2019. Despite an outgoing demeanor, Leavitt maintains a discreet approach to his personal life, focusing primarily on his successful MMA career.

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