Is Oliver Stark Gay? Unveiling the Truth About the 9-1-1 Star’s Sexuality

Oliver Leon Jones, professionally known as Oliver Stark, is a British actor celebrated for his roles in popular TV series such as “9-1-1” and “Into the Badlands.” Before stepping into the limelight, Stark navigated various jobs, including cleaning, call center work, and promoting nightclubs. However, it was through acting that he found his true calling, captivating audiences with his performances. While fans adore Stark’s on-screen persona, curiosity often arises about his personal life, particularly his sexuality and relationships. Let’s delve into the article to find out more about Oliver Stark’s personal life.

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Is Oliver Stark Gay?

Is Oliver Stark Gay?

No, Oliver Stark is not gay. In the hit Fox series “9-1-1,” his character, Evan “Buck” Buckley, grapples with self-discovery, including his sexual identity.

However, Stark’s real-life orientation differs from his character’s journey. Despite the on-screen portrayal, there is no evidence to suggest that Stark identifies as gay. Such rumors merely stem from fans’ imaginations, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.

Is Oliver Stark Currently Dating Anyone?

Is Oliver Stark Gay?

Yes, Oliver Stark is currently in a relationship with Hannah Gottesman, also known as Hannah Harlow. Gottesman, who has appeared in roles such as Sovereign Chambermaid in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and a guest spot on NCIS: Los Angeles, crossed paths with Stark through social media. Stark candidly shared details of their relationship with People Magazine in March 2018, revealing that their romance blossomed after he moved from London to Los Angeles.

“I lied to my parents and told them I had met her before. “Basically I’d been stalking her for about a entire year, liking photos — totally creepy. And then eventually she followed me back. But I still didn’t want to message her because I was like, there’s no way for a guy to message a girl on social media without sounding creepy. Eventually she sent me a message and said, ‘Are you going to like my photos or are you going to say hello?’ ”

Their initial interaction on Instagram led to texting, FaceTiming, and eventually meeting in person during Stark’s visit to the U.S. The couple hit it off immediately, with Stark confessing to initially feeling nervous about messaging Gottesman online. However, their connection deepened, culminating in Stark staying in the U.S. indefinitely after their first meeting. Celebrating over two years together, Stark expressed gratitude for their relationship’s success and the happiness they’ve found together.

Is Oliver Stark married?

No, Oliver Stark is not married. Throughout his public life, Stark has never entered into matrimony. His relationship with Hannah Gottesman, which commenced in 2015, remains unwedded. Although Gottesman made her red carpet debut with Stark in 2017, there have been no announcements regarding marriage. The couple appears content in their current status, enjoying a committed relationship without the formalities of marriage.

Oliver Stark’s Dating History

Oliver Stark’s romantic history primarily revolves around his relationship with Hannah Gottesman. Their bond appears strong and enduring, with no signs of discord or impending separation. Stark’s commitment to Gottesman is evident, with no reported involvement with other women in the past. Their relationship radiates loyalty and companionship, indicating a promising future together.

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Oliver Stark’s journey from humble beginnings to acting prominence reflects a tale of perseverance and passion. Despite early struggles in various jobs, Stark found his true vocation in acting, captivating audiences with his talent and versatility. While speculation often surrounds his personal life, Stark remains focused on his career and nurturing his relationship with Hannah Gottesman. As fans continue to admire his on-screen performances, Stark’s off-screen life serves as a testament to love, dedication, and the pursuit of happiness.

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