Is Bbno$ Gay? Exploring the Truth Behind the Canadian Musician’s Sexual Orientation

Alexander Leon Gumuchian, professionally known as bbno$ (Baby No Money), has made waves in the music industry as a Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter. His breakout hit, “Lalala,” released in 2019, soared to number ten on the Canadian Hot 100 charts, garnering immense popularity. Collaborations with American rapper Yung Gravy further solidified his presence in the music scene, with their combined efforts resonating with audiences worldwide.

With “Lalala” amassing over 900 million streams on Spotify alone, bbno$’s unique style and catchy tunes have captivated listeners globally. However, amidst his musical success, questions surrounding his personal life, particularly his sexual orientation, have emerged, reigniting discussions and speculation. Let’s delve into the article to learn more about the Canadian Rapper’s Personal affairs.

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Is Bbno$ Gay?

Is Bbno$ Gay?

Despite widespread speculation, Bbno$ has not publicly disclosed his sexual orientation. Rumors regarding his sexuality resurfaced with the unveiling of the album cover for “Baby Gravy 3,” where he is depicted kissing Yung Gravy on the lips. While this imagery has fueled speculation, Bbno$ has not explicitly addressed these rumors.

Bbno$’s artistic expression and social media presence have contributed to the speculation surrounding his sexuality. However, the rapper has remained tight-lipped on the matter, choosing to focus on his music rather than engage with rumors and speculation.

In an interview with Marvin Magazine, Bbno$ emphasized his commitment to creating music that resonates with audiences, highlighting his playful approach to his craft. Despite suggestive remarks, Bbno$ has not provided any concrete insight into his sexual orientation.

Is Bbno$ Dating Anyone?

Is Bbno$ Gay?

As of now, Bbno$ has not publicly disclosed details about his romantic relationships. The musician maintains a private personal life, preferring to keep details about his dating history under wraps.

In 2021, rumors emerged linking Bbno$ to Haley Kai Dawe, the owner of a perfume retail store based on Vancouver Island. While the pair shared some affectionate photos together, neither Bbno$ nor Haley confirmed the nature of their relationship.

However, sightings of the couple together have become scarce in recent times, leading to speculation about the status of their relationship. Despite the fleeting rumors, Bbno$ continues to maintain a level of privacy regarding his personal life, allowing his music to take center stage.

Is bbno$ Married?

No, bbno$ is not married, and there have been no official announcements regarding marriage. Despite rumors surrounding his dating life, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that he is currently married or engaged.

While past speculation hinted at a possible relationship with Haley Kai Dawe, the absence of recent sightings or confirmations leaves his marital status uncertain. BBno$ continues to prioritize his music career, keeping his personal life separate from his public persona.

Is BBno$ Dating Yung Gravy?

Is Bbno$ Gay?

BBno$ and Yung Gravy share a close musical collaboration and friendship, characterized by their laid-back, semi-comedic style and shared love for creating catchy tunes. However, there is no evidence to suggest a romantic relationship between the two artists.

Yung Gravy’s past relationship with Sheri Easterling, mother of social media influencer Addison Rae, ended after a brief period, further dispelling any notions of a romantic involvement with bbno$. Their bond remains rooted in their mutual passion for music, with no romantic entanglements reported between them.


Bbno$, the Canadian musician known for his genre-blending sound and chart-topping hits, has found himself at the center of speculation regarding his sexual orientation. While rumors persist, Bbno$ has chosen to remain silent on the matter, prioritizing his music over addressing gossip and speculation.

Similarly, details about Bbno$’s romantic relationships remain shrouded in mystery, as the musician keeps his personal life out of the spotlight. Whether collaborating with fellow artists or captivating audiences with his infectious beats, Bbno$ continues to let his music speak for itself, leaving fans intrigued by the enigma surrounding his private life.

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