Is Soldier 76 Gay? The Significance of LGBTQ Representation in Gaming

Is Soldier 76 Gay? Overwatch doesn’t make the news much these days, even though it’s been around for two years. When it does, it’s usually not for positive reasons. However, something noteworthy happened yesterday in the Overwatch world.

In a recently released lore story that centered on the character Ana, it was revealed that Soldier: 76, whose real name is Jack Morrison, is gay or, at the very least, has an interest in men. If you want to know more about whether Soldier 76 is gay, continue reading this article.

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Is Soldier 76 Gay?

is soldier 76 gay

Yes, Soldier 76 is gay. In a conversation between Ana and Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76) in a story, Ana brings up Jack’s past flame, Vincent, highlighting the challenges of relationships in their line of work. While this revelation is not the story’s main focus, it has become a major talking point.

This is significant because Soldier 76 joins Tracer as an LGBTQ character in Overwatch. In a comic release, Tracer was revealed to be in a relationship with a woman two years ago. Tracer, the box art character and one of the most iconic heroes in Overwatch, and Soldier: 76, a founding member and the game’s “starter” character, being confirmed as gay is noteworthy in an industry where few major gaming icons are known to be LGBTQ.

Out of the 29 heroes in Overwatch, only two are confirmed queer in the game’s canon. While high-profile characters like Tracer and Soldier: 76 are known, the sexual orientation of other characters is uncertain. Overwatch’s story and character development mainly happens outside the game, in cinematics, comics, or stories like Ana’s. Romantic relationships are infrequently mentioned, if at all, as seen in animated shorts featuring Tracer and Soldier: 76.

Some critics compare this reveal to J.K. Rowling‘s post-book revelation about Dumbledore being gay. However, Overwatch’s unique situation, lacking a real in-game story, means information like character traits or sexuality may be disclosed in bits outside the game itself.

While there might be negative reactions from certain segments of the gaming community accusing Blizzard of “pandering,” most reactions seem to range from happiness to indifference. The Overwatch community has long engaged in “shipping” characters, creating fan art and fanfic for various pairings. An official reveal like this is akin to an upgraded fanfic version, lacking some weight due to not being experienced in-game.

The Reveal of Soldier:

76’s sexuality adds a cool dimension to the game, making players interested in exploring characters further in an actual Overwatch RPG. It took two years for Overwatch to unveil its second LGBTQ character, emphasizing that such revelations may not significantly impact the game but are important moments in promoting diversity and representation.

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Yes, Soldier: 76 from Overwatch was revealed as gay or interested in men in a recent lore story. This is significant as Soldier: 76, alongside Tracer, becomes one of the LGBTQ characters in the game. The piece notes the limited representation of queer characters in Overwatch and highlights the lack of in-game storytelling.

It mentions potential criticism but observes that fan reactions vary from happiness to indifference. Overall, the article appreciates the moment for diversity in a big game like Overwatch.

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