Is Malakai Gay in Heartbreak High? Exploring LGBTQ+ Representation in the Netflix Reboot

In 2022, Netflix breathed new life into the beloved Australian series, Heartbreak High, originally aired in 1994. The reboot captivated both old and new fans with its queer-inclusive storyline, placing LGBTQ+ characters at the forefront.

Thomas Weatherall portrays Malakai Mitchell, a charismatic and athletic character on Heartbreak High. Malakai, described as a Bundjalung boy new to Hartley High, excels in basketball and easily befriends others. Take a look below to discover more about the character portrayed by Thomas Weatherall in Heartbreak High, currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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Is Malakai Gay in Heartbreak High?

Is Malakai Gay in Heartbreak High?

Yes, Malakai’s character is depicted as bisexual in the series. His realization unfolds in Season One, following a threesome with Dusty and Harper. Subsequently, Malakai experiences a moment of introspection in the boys’ locker room, where he acknowledges his attraction to other guys, solidifying his exploration of his sexuality.

In the Heartbreak High reboot, Malakai‘s journey mirrors the complexities many individuals face in understanding and accepting their sexual orientation. His portrayal adds depth to the diverse representation celebrated in the series.

Exploring the World of Hartley High

Is Malakai Gay in Heartbreak High?

Hannah Carroll Chapman‘s reboot of Heartbreak High revolves around the lives of students and teachers at Hartley High. Through eight episodes in its first season, the series delves into themes of teen romance, high school drama, sexual awakening, and racial tensions. Notably, the show celebrates diversity, featuring queer and autistic characters in prominent roles.

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Netflix’s reboot of Heartbreak High has garnered praise for its commitment to diversity and inclusion. By featuring LGBTQ+ characters like Malakai, the series offers authentic and relatable narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide. As fans eagerly await news of a potential second season, the show’s impact continues to reverberate in the realm of modern television storytelling.

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