Is Gabriel Guevara Gay? Clearing the Air on the Actor’s Sexual Orientation and Dating Rumors

Gabriel Guevara, known for his captivating performance in the Prime Video original film ‘My Fault,’ is making headlines again, but this time, the buzz revolves around speculations about his sexuality. In this article, we’ll delve into the details surrounding Gabriel Guevara’s personal life, exploring the rumors and shedding light on the truth about his romantic inclinations.

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Is Gabriel Guevara Gay?

Is Gabriel Guevara Gay?

No, Gabriel Guevara is not gay. Even though rumors suggesting that Gabriel Guevara might be gay have been circulating, fueled by the chemistry he shared with a co-star in ‘My Fault.’ However, it’s crucial to separate fiction from reality.

The Spanish-French actor, celebrated for his roles in ‘Cris,’ ‘Skam España,’ and ‘My Fault,’ has addressed these rumors in various interviews, asserting that they lack any factual basis. Guevara has openly discussed his past heterosexual relationships, debunking the baseless claims surrounding his sexual orientation. It’s essential to rely on credible information rather than unfounded rumors.

Is Gabriel Guevara Dating?

Gabriel Guevara and Nicole Wallace

No, Gabriel Guevara is not currently dating anyone. However, there have been murmurs about a potential relationship with Nicole Wallace, a notable actress. Guevara, however, prefers to keep his personal life under wraps, maintaining a low profile. In an interview with Gala, he opened up about his romantic life, stating that he hasn’t been in a satisfying relationship for a significant period and has no immediate plans for one.

While this implies the possibility of a previous relationship, Guevara remains discreet, offering no specific details. Despite the lack of transparency, he expresses a sense of relief and tranquility in his current life, emphasizing his commitment to privacy.

Gabriel Guevara’s current dating status remains unclear. Despite claims and speculation linking him to Nicole Wallace, it’s crucial to acknowledge Guevara’s commitment to privacy. He has explicitly mentioned not actively seeking a relationship at the moment and hasn’t been in a satisfying one for a while.

Without official confirmation or recent updates, the identity of Gabriel Guevara’s potential partner remains uncertain. For the most accurate information about his personal life, it’s advisable to rely on official statements or credible sources, allowing fans to respect the actor’s desire for privacy.


Gabriel Guevara, the ‘My Fault’ star, is not gay, dispelling rumors about his sexuality. The Spanish-French actor clarified this in interviews, mentioning his past heterosexual relationships. Regarding his current dating status, Guevara keeps it private, with whispers about Nicole Wallace. Despite speculations, he emphasizes tranquility and isn’t actively seeking a relationship. This summary provides a concise overview, separating fact from fiction in Gabriel Guevara’s personal life.

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