Is Buck Gay in 9-1-1? Unveiling the Surprising Twist in Buck’s Character Journey

Evan “Buck” Buckley stands as a central figure in the captivating world of 9-1-1, where he serves as a firefighter at Station 118 within the Los Angeles Fire Department. Known as the younger brother of Maddie Buckley, Buck’s character brings depth and intrigue to the series. Introduced in the inaugural episode of the first season of 9-1-1, he is skillfully portrayed by actor Oliver Stark. So, Keep reading to learn more about his sexual orientation!

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Is Buck Gay in 9-1-1?

Yes, Buck is portrayed as a gay character in 9-1-1. In a pivotal moment during the 100th episode, the show took a groundbreaking turn with a scene that left audiences stunned: a kiss shared between Evan “Buck” Buckley (played by Oliver Stark) and another male character.

While the episode didn’t feature the usual array of emergencies, the unexpected kiss between Buck and another man marked a significant development in the storyline. This momentous event came as a shock to many fans, particularly those who had long anticipated a romantic relationship between Buck and his best friend, Eddie.

The kiss didn’t involve Eddie but rather Eddie’s newfound friend, Tommy Kinard. For Stark, the actor behind Buck, this turn of events was equally surprising. He revealed that he only learned about the storyline when the show was already in the midst of filming its seventh season.

Stark recalled a conversation with series co-creator Tim Minear, who presented the idea to him, emphasizing its authenticity in continuing Buck’s narrative. Stark, upon learning of the development, expressed his full support, recognizing its significance and relevance to the character’s journey.

Stark believes that this newfound storyline for Buck will add depth and richness to his character arc. He expresses excitement for the opportunity to explore and portray this aspect of Buck’s identity authentically in the upcoming episodes.

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Buck’s backstory sheds light on the complexities of his character. Born in Pennsylvania around 1991 or 1992, he grew up as the youngest of three siblings. His birth carried profound significance, as he was conceived as a “savior sibling” to his older brother, Daniel, who battled juvenile leukemia.

Despite being genetically compatible for a bone marrow transplant, the procedure failed to save Daniel’s life, leading to his tragic demise. Following Daniel’s passing, Buck’s parents, Phillip and Margaret, made the decision to relocate to Hershey, embarking on a fresh start while keeping Daniel’s memory a closely guarded secret from Buck.

These revelations about Buck’s past provide insight into his character’s resilience and the challenges he has faced throughout his life. As the series progresses, viewers witness Buck’s journey unfold, revealing layers of complexity and depth to his character beyond his heroic actions as a firefighter.

In conclusion, Evan “Buck” Buckley’s portrayal as a gay character in 9-1-1 marks a significant milestone in the series, offering viewers a nuanced exploration of identity and relationships. As the storyline unfolds, audiences can anticipate further developments in Buck’s journey, adding depth and authenticity to his character.

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