Is Ben Hardy Gay? Unraveling His Real-Life Sexual Orientation and Dating History

Ben Hardy, renowned for his versatile acting skills, has left audiences captivated with his portrayal of various characters, including those of differing sexual orientations. Amidst his acclaimed performances, curiosity arises regarding his real-life sexual orientation. This article delves into whether Ben Hardy is gay, offering insights into his dating history.

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Is Ben Hardy Gay?

Is Ben Hardy Gay?

No, Ben Hardy is not gay. While he has convincingly embodied gay characters in his acting career, there’s no evidence to suggest that he has dated men off-screen. Like many actors who venture into diverse roles, Hardy has showcased his talent irrespective of the characters’ sexual orientations, affirming his versatility as an actor. Thus, it’s evident that Ben Hardy is straight.

Is Ben Hardy Currently Dating?

At present, Ben Hardy appears to be single, as indicated by his inactive dating status on social media platforms. His most recent relationship was with Jessica Plummer, which unfortunately ended in April 2023 after an 18-month companionship.

Ben Hardy’s Dating History

Is Ben Hardy Gay?

Jessica Plummer

Ben Hardy’s romance with Jessica Plummer blossomed after their encounter on the BBC program “The Girl Before” in 2021. Their relationship flourished, marked by memorable moments like celebrating Ben’s belated 31st birthday with a trip to Turkey. However, reports suggest they grew apart, leading to their breakup.

Olivia Cooke

Ben Hardy’s relationship with Olivia Cooke unfolded on the set of their comedy-crime thriller, “Pixie,” where love sparked between the co-stars. Though they maintained a low-profile relationship, their romance concluded in the same year it commenced, leaving the reasons for the breakup shrouded in mystery.

Katriona Perrett

Before his rise to fame, Ben Hardy shared a significant relationship with Katriona Perrett, whom he met in 2010. Their romance endured for approximately eight years, though details about their relationship remain scarce due to Hardy’s discretion regarding his personal life.

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In conclusion, while Ben Hardy has portrayed gay characters in his acting career, his real-life sexual orientation is heterosexual. His dating history unveils significant relationships with Jessica Plummer, Olivia Cooke, and Katriona Perrett, each contributing to his personal journey.

Despite his on-screen versatility, Hardy’s off-screen relationships remain relatively private, leaving fans intrigued yet respectful of his personal life. Through his dedication to his craft and ability to captivate audiences, Ben Hardy continues to leave an indelible mark in the entertainment industry.

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